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Cement Bag Plaster 35 Kg
Cement Bag Plaster 35 Kg
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IDR 4750000.00

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Specification of

Cement bag plaster 35 Kg.

We CV Josia Jaya Abadi produce cement sack plaster.

The cement sack of plaster is also called paper bag plaster or cement paper bag or cement bag or paper sack for cement or cement paper sack.

Minimum order of cement sack of plaster starting from 1000 pcs

Plaster bag or plaster bag paper plaster bag or mortar bag or sack of cement or paper bag of cement or sack of cement paper or paper sack for cement using only imported paper so good quality

The size of the cement sack of plaster can be determined according to your needs.

Sack of cement plaster or paper bag cement can print up to full colors (4 colors)

The quality of the drawing and writing of a plaster cement bag or plaster paper bag is good because it is molded with the machine.

Have experience in making cement paper bag.

We produce and sell paper bag cement, instant cement bag, paper bag, cement bag, mortar bag, cement bag, charcoal bag, paper bag, cement bag, white cement bag, skim coat bag, brown paper bag, white paper bag, Cinnamon paper, pineapple paper bag, paper bag of mortar 20 kg, 25kg mortar paper bag, 40kg mortar paper bag, 10kg coffee paper bag, 25kg cinnamon paper bag, 25kg milk paper bag, paper bag 25kg cinnamon, 5kg pouch, 25kg pouch, 25kg pouch, 25kg cocoa pouch, grated coconut bag, desinted coconut bag etc.

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